Your business is unique, with its peculiarities and quirks. With a sizeable number of integrations available on PlanFix, we will be able to select the necessary ones for you and adapt them to the specific needs of the company.
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Перевірте правильність заповнених данних
For online store owners and sales managers.
Combine all customer requests (including comments, likes, and reactions) in one window and respond to them instantly without the risk of being blocked due to “unusual activity”.

HRM/ATS system

For recruiters and HR managers.
Ready-made tools and business process templates for effective hiring, tailored to the needs of recruitment and employment agencies

CRM for Beauty and Cosmetology Salon

For owners of cosmetology studios, cosmetologists, or manicure specialists.
Enables convenient and effective management of services. Optimizes customer communication through personalized planners and automatic reminders.
For business owners, sole proprietors, sales managers, and large companies.
Create an automatic email survey that the client receives immediately after the manager has completed a task in PlanFix. In this way, you will be able to collect valuable feedback about your work and constantly improve the service, hence increasing your profit.
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Webinar Stars is a platform for conducting webinars, courses, online tests, and distance lessons with advanced analytics of each listener of your event.
Thanks to the flexible settings of the customer registration form, you can choose the type of data you want to collect – name, phone number, email address, Instagram login, and others. In addition, the platform also provides you with advanced technical information about each customer who visited your event, such as the number of webinar minutes they listened to, the country and city they watched it from, and clicks on banners/buttons/orders forms.All the received information will be added to a PlanFix task once it’s created for each particular lead. After that, you can immediately work with the client according to your company's business processes.
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For online stores, sole proprietors, and companies working with foreign clients.
Get daily exchange rates right in your PlanFix task automatically or at the click of a button to make and receive payments based on the latest financial data.
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Stripe is a service for the processing of electronic payments that allows you to accept payments in 135+ currencies. With PlanFix tools, you can implement automatic or manual invoicing in your business processes.
You can issue an invoice manually at any time you want, or create the appropriate task for automatic invoicing. The invoice will be sent after the date you set or after the task status changes, depending on what you choose. All information about the invoice will be displayed in the same task from which it was sent.
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Adobe Acrobat Sign is a cloud-based solution for working with electronic signatures that allows you to sign documents online in digital format without the burden of paperwork.
With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can send an invoice, certificate of completed works, a contract, and any other document for signature directly from PlanFix. A document for signature can be sent in response to the occurrence of a specified event (date or task status) or after the employee presses the necessary button at the right time. Signature confirmation will be added to the same task in PlanFix from which it was sent.
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WayForPay is a convenient and simple solution for accepting payments, which allows you to make invoicing part of the business process at PlanFix.
You can set up automatic invoicing to the client after a certain event (date or task status) or send an invoice at the right time with a click. Once the payment is completed, the information will be added to the same task from which the invoice was sent. If necessary, the task status can be changed automatically.
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ActiveCampaign is a platform that automates behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and customer support processes.
You can assign tags to each client and set automation rules that will be applied in the absence or presence of certain tags. For example, when the status of a task for a client in Planfix changes, a certain tag will be added or deleted. After that, the automation you’ve defined will be launched.
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Neuron is a platform for creating and implementing perfect sales scripts.
With Neuron, you can create a list of scripts and add a link to it to a Planfix task. In the same task, you will receive full information about the implementation of a particular script during incoming/outgoing calls from your sales managers.
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WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for creating online stores and selling goods or services on the Internet.
Planfix is fully synchronized with WooCommerce via webhook, which is a mechanism for event-driven communication between applications. We set up outgoing webhooks in WooCommerce and incoming webhooks in Planfix. So, when a customer places an order through WooCommerce, the platform sends the details to Planfix, so managers receive comprehensive information about the order and can synchronize the correct order statuses.
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Aloware is a popular cloud telephony platform for businesses.
You can register a single number for your business, make calls and send SMS messages from it. Aloware also allows you to work in online chat support and provides detailed information on the number & duration of incoming/outgoing calls and other parameters. At the same time, all information entered in Aloware is fully synchronized with Planfix.
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