CRM for Beauty

and Cosmetology Salon

An innovative platform for beauty salons and cosmetic clinics that provides complete control over customer interactions. Enables convenient and effective management of services. Optimizes customer communication through personalized planners and automatic reminders.
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We'll integrate communication channels into the CRM system, ensuring that all your communication takes place in one space

With our powerful platform, you'll be able to create and customize business processes business processes of any complexity

From the first contact with a client to automating tasks on the most popular social networks, we will tailor optimization solutions for every need of your business

Suitable for:

Owners of cosmetology studios

This solution is perfect for beauty salon and cosmetology studio owners. It offers comprehensive features for easy management of locations, client requests, inquiry sources, and services.

Administrators of cosmetic clinics

Gain a centralized platform for effective management of all aspects of your business. With directories, your staff can quickly find necessary information about locations, services, procedures, and client requests.

Cosmetologists or manicurists

Precisely set the parameters for each procedure, such as cost, duration, material expenses, and the number of required sessions. This enables you to offer personalized solutions for each client while minimizing your time spent.

Marketers and SMM professionals for cosmetic services:

The product provides a convenient way to communicate with clients, a flexible scheduler, and an automated reminder system, contributing to improved service and increased client satisfaction.

About the Service


Procedure Management Process

This block simplifies the organization and management of procedures. It allows for the automatic creation of procedure packages for clients, customization of each procedure individually, tracking the current status, providing automatic reminders, and scheduling.

Client Communication Process

Provides the ability to interact effectively with clients, track the current communication status, offer batch proposals, and book clients for multiple procedures simultaneously. Custom fields and personalized schedulers help optimize the workflow.

Mobile App and IP Telephony

These features enable cosmetologists to conveniently communicate with clients and receive real-time notifications, even when working remotely. They provide easy access to all necessary information. Administrators can maintain directories of cities or locations, client lead sources, client requests, and display services and procedures offered by the studio.
Learn more about the service's capabilities and functionality by requesting a free demonstration.


Learn more about
the features and functionality of the
service, apply for a free demo
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Integration with Platforms

This block extends the studio's capabilities through integration with popular platforms such as websites, social networks, and messengers.

Automation and Analytics

This block simplifies and speeds up internal routine tasks, such as employee scheduling, client notifications, and other business processes. Analyze client interaction history with your company.

Employee Groups and Hierarchical Relationships

This feature helps organize workflow and communication within the studio, facilitating collaboration between different employees.
This product makes it easy to expand the studio, add new locations or products, and adapt flexibly to growing business needs.


Platform features

Convenient Directory
Add new products or procedures through a user-friendly directory.
Clear Funnel
Manage client interactions in a clear funnel.
Task Allocation
Distribute tasks in workspaces for each position.
Client Booking
Schedule clients for multiple procedures simultaneously.
Procedure Packages
Create packages of 2, 4, 6, or any required number of sessions.
Simple System Structure
Client Communication - Client Procedures.
Automatic Procedure Creation
Organize automatic procedure creation based on selected packages.
Automatic Numbering
Automatically number each procedure for easy tracking.
Plan any activity with reminder calendars or procedures.
Direct Communication Channels
Create direct communication channels between employees and clients.
Monitor specialist and location workload through calendars.
Integrate the platform with various services and social networks.
Mobile App
Use the mobile app for convenient access.
Receive analytics and financial reports.
Simplify Work
Automate business processes and simplify work.
Organize Groups
Organize employee groups and hierarchical relationships.
Scale your business for new locations or products.
Utilize the platform for internal communication and control.
Custom Fields
Customize individual fields in client or procedure cards.
Project Management
Manage projects, tasks, and comments.
Customize the system to your needs through settings or use the API for integrations.

Take a look at how it works

Interact with clients within the system and instantly schedule their appointments.
Change the appointment date instantly without any hassle
Learn more about
the features and functionality of the
service, apply for a free demo
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Cost of services

Plan A
Plan B
Plan F

Account connection

Registering a new account, inviting and setting up employees in Planfix

Free support and training

3 days
5 days
7 days

Process of communication/communication with clients

Funnel of dialogs with customers and their current status
Ability to work with package offers (2, 4, 6, 8... procedures)
Ability to register a client for several procedures at once
Customized fields and customer card
Personalized planners/workspaces for management or team
Customizable filters for any field
Ability to simultaneously communicate with both the internal team and the client
Reminder of a procedure or record

Description of the general capabilities of the system

Integration with website, Instagram, Facebook, Google Forms, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, corporate email
IP telephony
Financial analytics
Employee groups and hierarchical relationships
Mobile application
Employee card

The process of working with procedures

Procedure funnel and their current status
Automatic creation of the required number of procedures for a particular package/product for a client
Numbering of each procedure separately
Procedure as a separate entity that can be customized
Attendance/visit to an event as a separate entity that can be customized
Custom fields for procedures
Linking each client procedure to communication with the client
Automated notifications to customers in a convenient channel
General calendar of procedures
Employee workload calendar
Calendar of workload of a specific location

Reference books

Directory of cities or locations, if there are several of them
Directory of customer requests for existing/potential products of the company
Directory of sources of origin of customer requests
A guide to the services and procedures offered by the company
Your beauty studio in one app:
manage, communicate, grow!

How it works?

Platform Presentation

Arranging a video call with you to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform according to your request

Creating Terms of Reference

Discussing tasks and requirements for the implementation, agreeing on terms and conditions

System Setup

Configuring the platform according to the ToR

Hello World

Agreeing on all settings and connecting the platform to your accounts

Support and Maintenance

Providing technical support and staff training

Chat with the support team

You can ask all questions about the platform or work process in a joint chat with our support team

User reviews

Victoria Brezgalova

Thanks to ProcessFather and Planfix, we have improved all of our processes by 70%. 100% improvement wouldn’t have been possible since we are a large production company.

Without automation, we would go crazy, especially with social media. Thanks to Planfix, I have two online store managers working effectively. When it comes to requests from our social media accounts, my managers and I always have a finger on the pulse. Thanks to Planfix, managers see interested customers under each post and do their best to convert every lead to an actual buyer. In the past, we lost too many customers because we didn’t properly manage the comments under our posts. And now, using Planfix, we work with every customer who simply leaves a comment under a post expressing how they liked something that we sell. In 50% of cases, these leads become customers.

Big thank you to your entire team for constantly being online and answering my questions. Couldn’t be happier to work with professionals like you!

Andriy Panchenko

I own a company that manufactures and sells shoes online. Before we implemented Planfix, my main problem was that we couldn't scale the business. I could not hire new managers, there were problems with connecting Facebook and Instagram, and other sites. We could not reply to our customers in messengers. I had a separate manager or several managers for each site, they were confused and conflicted with each other. Decent control of KPIs and manager productivity was out of the question.After we implemented Planfix, we were able to scale the business. Managers became universal regardless of the site, and clear and understandable control tools were implemented. Before Planfix, I had 3 people working in the sales department. Today I have 17 people working there. We’ve almost tripled our sales!I went through many CRM systems before implementing Planfix, the main deciding factor for me was the approach that Mykola and his team used at ProcessFather. I talked to a lot of teams that implemented both Bitrix24 and AMO CRM, and they weren’t completely satisfied with the CRMs. It was very important for me to be in constant contact with Mykola and his team so that my demands were met as quickly as possible, and exactly the way I wanted.I am absolutely satisfied with the cooperation, this is the fourth year that we’ll be working together. Everything is great. Thank you, ProcessFather!

Kim Fomkin

To everyone who’s currently struggling with business automation and building systematic work processes for the company, I definitely recommend Mykola and his team.

Step by step we’re solving various processes in my IT company. As a recent example, we have developed and implemented a system for our new "server technical support and administration" services that automates and simplifies work with our clients.

I really like Mykola's work principles. He’s always eager to offer the best solutions, without trying to add extra work. Our cooperation is very efficient and transparent.

Yaremenko Vadym

Our company offers chimney and venting services with home visits. For 6 months we’d been using AMO CRM, but it did not solve our problems, so we started to look for another solution that would cover our needs while offering flexible settings + good ratio of price/quality. At the Business Concentrate forum, we were advised to pay attention to PlanFix, and that’s how we turned to the guys from ProcessFather. We didn’t have a huge budget, so we broke down the CRM integration into step-by-step stages, and everything worked out 🙂 Hooray! Slowly but surely, we’ve adjusted all the main processes and taught the employees how to work with the platform. It took them some time to get used to this new software, but eventually, they figured it out! Now everything works as we wanted. The reports are displayed automatically and there’s finally no need to create them manually! We’re exploring all of the features, improving, making adjustments, and learning! I’m really satisfied with the cooperation 😀🙏 The most valuable thing to note is the loyal, understanding, and compassionate attitude of Mykola and his ProcessFather team!

Andriy Kolomiytsev

Many thanks to Mykola! I’m happy to cooperate with ProcessFather.

Their team of specialists managed to implement a model of our company's business processes into the CRM Planfix system, which allowed to formalize the relationship in the vertical management of the company and make the work process much more manageable.

I definitely recommend these guys.They respond almost instantly to any adjustment requests and when new tasks arise.

Cool people, great cooperation.

Albert Shoom

Huge thanks to ProcessFather for helping to put our social media in order. Instagram and Facebook provide little functionality to work with customers, and ProcessFather, together with Planfix, fills all the gaps due to which we may lose customers, orders, and money.

The platform takes some time to get used to, but after that life becomes much easier))

And most importantly, whenever something is unclear, you can contact ProcessFather support, and they will instantly solve any of your problems.

Alexandr Kuznetsov

Planfix is a powerful corporate governance tool. We at InteractiveCenter didn’t use PlanFix to its full potential before teaming up with ProcessFather. In the span of several months of cooperation, we’ve managed to digitize important business processes. Mykola is extremely proactive! He doesn’t simply follow the ToR but predicts and makes guesses about what we actually need. Then he helps us to form requests and implement them. Recommended!

Anastasia Karida

Lead Maketer
It is a pleasure to work with professionals who can hear, submerge into, and understand the specifics of the client's business process. Thank you Process Father for your promptness, expertise, and patience :)

Nikita Pustovoi

For some time we worked with AMO CRM. It was convenient for us in terms of making calls, the sales department was satisfied, the integration with landing worked great, and everything was great. But the integration with Instagram and direct messages, in particular, worked crookedly. There were very few useful settings, filters, analytics, controls, etc…

We didn't know what to do and by chance, I met Mykola and his company ProcessFather. He offered to start working with Planfix. We didn’t know about this software at all, you’d agree it’s not the most popular platform out there. But we decided to take a risk and give it a try. So now with Planfix, our team has grown to 17 people, they work with the platform efficiently, and everything’s clear and transparent. There are different policies for the distribution of leads, you can easily monitor conversion rates, and you can see how many leads of different statuses each manager works with. We can precisely determine the load and therefore draw conclusions. It has become much easier to run a company.

Simple chatting in the direct messages doesn’t lead to any conclusions, it is impossible to calculate the profit. With 12 people, you can’t just go in and count the money. Without this platform, we would not be making as much money for sure. Everything would be much more complicated. Employees would not earn so much, they would have lower efficiency, it’s all closely connected. We would have an increased staff turnover, the recruiter would have more work, and so on ...

Just imagine how one platform can solve so many issues. I am very grateful to ProcessFather for their help, what they did for us is just fantastic. You surely gotta try to work with them!


I'm hearing about your platform for the first time. Why should I trust you?

Planfix platform relies on word of mouth recommendations among users and business owners rather than media advertising. We proudly showcase our case studies from collaborations that you can explore directly on our website.

How much will it cost to migrate from another platform to your solution?

Data import is included in the cost of service packages "Plan B" and "Plan F."

What is the cost of training to use the platform?

Support and training are included in the cost of all service packages, with the only difference being the number of support days provided.

How long does the setup process take?

Account preparation and setup can take 2-3 business days. At any stage of preparation, you can join the process and monitor the work being done if you wish.

What sets you apart from other platforms?

We don't just sell software; we create the perfect workspace for your company. With our experience working with recruiting agencies and HR managers, we have developed the best interface for your needs.

If I don't have a website right now, can I connect it later?

Yes, during the setup of your account, we will prepare all the necessary settings for receiving requests from your website in advance. Connecting the website later is possible at any convenient time and takes minimal effort.

How much do your services cost?

The cost of CRM integration varies depending on the service package. The listed price is a one-time payment for our integration and configuration services. Afterward, you will only need to pay the subscription fee for the CRM Planfix software. The cost of the subscription is determined based on the number of employees working in your account. You can find detailed pricing information here: Link to pricing page

If I need to make adjustments after the trial period, who should I contact?

Typically, we continue to collaborate with clients after the trial period on an hourly payment basis, which is determined individually.

What are the advantages of automatic procedure creation based on service packages?

The system automatically creates the required number of procedures according to the selected package, which helps avoid unnecessary steps and ensures that all necessary procedures are scheduled.

What integration tools with external platforms are available in the system?

It's not important which communication channels you use – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or email. You can communicate with clients directly from Planfix. No matter where a client writes to you, you will see their messages in the Timeline and can respond instantly, and they will receive your response where the conversation started. If you don't see the platform you need in the list, just let us know – Planfix offers extensive integration possibilities through open API methods, so we can integrate the platform you require.

Why should I consider the "Maximum Full Set"?

The "Maximum Full Set" is the ideal choice for improving processes and managing employees. This package not only provides advanced features for an efficient start but also considers your business's future needs by providing access to additional settings. In addition to financial benefits, choosing this package also gives you the maximum number of days of free support for your employees.

How can I monitor the workload of specialists and locations?

You can use the calendar to monitor schedules of procedures and location availability in a convenient format.

How can I access analytics and financial reports?

You can view analytics and reports regarding the financial activity of your studio directly within the system.

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Why choose us?

Our solution stands out in the market
Our solution has no equivalents on the market.
We support customers and respond to requests in an average of 15 minutes
Planfix has been on the market for 13 years, providing a reliable foundation for your personalized HRM/ATS system
IT Expertise
Our team has 6 years of experience in IT, working on various IT solutions for businesses, which gives us insight into the specifics of such products and effective operational management
Ease of Use
We've ensured that making any changes can be done without involving programmers
Platform for Building Your Own Management System
Planfix is more than just project and task management. It helps you create CRM, production management systems, employee workload management, and much more. It's a comprehensive system for managing your company, not just a collection of modules
Unique Tools
Planfix allows you to do what's impossible in other systems. Even basic features like recurring tasks or report builders in Planfix are implemented at a deeper level, providing more capabilities. The Planner, Chronicle, and Analytics make the system powerful and pleasantly surprise everyone who gets acquainted with Planfix
Planfix Helps You Work the Way You Need
Not how its creators imagined. You can use ready-made solutions or decide how it should work yourself. This freedom attracts our users, and thanks to it, Planfix literally grows with your company
A Unified System Where Everything Is at Hand
All departments and business processes in Planfix work with shared data, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and duplication. This streamlines work and reduces the likelihood of errors between departments and processes
Planfix Can Look Like Your Corporate Management System
In corporate colors, with your company's logo and menu items leading to your websites and services. This makes it the "main program" that your employees launch when sitting at their computers, increasing their engagement in the work process
Planfix Offers User-Friendly and Fast Apps for iOS and Android
Even when you're on the go, you'll have access to your projects, receive timely reminders, communicate with colleagues and clients, assign and complete tasks