We present a new product - "Recruitment process automation" 👋


👉 For recruiting agencies, call centers, and IT companies.

Description of product features:

  • A pipeline of vacancies:
  • Current status of the vacancy;
  • Number of candidates submitted for the vacancy;
  • Number of required candidates for the vacancy;
  • Analysis of vacancies and their statuses.

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A pipeline of candidates:

  • Funnel of candidates by status;
  • Current status of the candidate;
  • Customized candidate cards and fields;
  • Candidate analytics;
  • Personalized planners for management or workers.

Management of absence/sick leave of employees process:

  • General calendar of an absence of employees;
  • The appointment of a temporary implementing director;
  • Counting days paid and unpaid vacation;
  • Reporting and analysis of the whole process of absence;
  • The coordination of vacations and hospital.

Our platform also includes variety of features like virtual PBX telephony, financial analytics, Email correspondence, and much more.

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