Warehouse CRM: My Warehouse in Planfix


Modern business demands efficient resource management, including inventory and stock tracking.

To simplify this process and enhance productivity, we've developed an integrated inventory management system within the Planfix CRM system, known for its reliability and versatility.

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Product features:

  1. Integrated inventory management system: The system allows real-time tracking and control of all warehouse operations, including product arrivals, movements, shipments, and inventory audits.
  2. Flexible input of product receipts: You can manually input product receipts for each item or automatically import them from external sources like Google Sheets. For existing products, article numbers are assigned automatically, and for new ones, articles and product cards are created automatically.
  3. Individual product cards: Each product is represented by a separate card (task) that always provides up-to-date information about the current stock and product movement.
  4. Control over product expenditure: You have the ability to control data entry for product expenditures, preventing the input of quantities exceeding the current stock.
  5. Document scheduler: A scheduler that displays all documents related to warehouse operations, including incoming and outgoing invoices, categorized as processed or pending confirmation.
  6. Warehouse status scheduler: An interface that provides an overview of the warehouse situation, divided into new products, current stock, depleted items, and potential negative balances.
  7. Flexible reports: You can generate reports displaying the current stock at any given moment, as well as detailed product movements. Reports can be customized for analyzing overall warehouse dynamics or tracking specific products, including information about arrival and expenditure times.

Warehouse CRM in Planfix is a tool that streamlines your warehouse management and enhances work efficiency. You'll gain precision in planning, increased customer satisfaction, and control over all inventory management processes. Let's work together to make your business even more effective!

For more information and consultations regarding the implementation of Warehouse CRM, feel free to contact our experts. Submit a request for a demonstration, and we'll gladly show you the product's capabilities.

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