Management system and electronic documents: integration of CRM Planfix and Vchasno


Automation and achieving maximum business process efficiency is what every company strives for. Some begin by replacing paper documents with electronic ones and utilizing digital services for document processing, while others initially implement management systems.

The proper integration of these two solutions will enable the simultaneous launch of these processes and expedite the company's transformation.

How it works is exemplified by the integration of the Planfix platform and the "Vchasno" online document exchange service, as explained by Mykola Maliy, the founder of ProcessFather.

The Planfix platform for enterprise management, among its many features, facilitates document circulation within companies. However, the platform currently lacks support for working with a qualified electronic signature (QES, formerly EDS - electronic digital signature). "Vchasno," on the other hand, allows the signing of any legally significant documents. Therefore, we decided to integrate these two digital solutions, thereby relieving users from the local transfer of files between services.

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How it works:

Many Ukrainian companies are already using both management systems and electronic document circulation. However, before the integration, their work with two separate solutions was more complicated. Initially, users had to be both Planfix and "Vchasno" users. As for document circulation, they had to create a document from a template or export it from a Planfix report, save it on their computer. Then, they needed to open "Вчасно" and upload the document from their computer, select the counterparty correctly. Only after that could they sign the document using a QES and send it.

Now, thanks to the integration, platform users upload ready-made documents that need to be signed with a qualified electronic signature and add them to "Vchasno." These documents already have a designated recipient and a number, so users only need to sign them and send them to partners.

Why Electronic Document Circulation:

Electronic document circulation is an excellent solution for managers, entrepreneurs, accountants, and anyone involved in business in any field. Even small companies are ready to digitize their document workflow. This helps get rid of huge stacks of printed contracts, invoices, work reports, eliminates the need to buy thousands of envelopes and deal with paper packaging, and saves the trouble of making trips to the post office.

Transitioning to an electronic format allows storing documents in the cloud and provides access to them from a computer or phone at any time.

Documents can be created, signed, and sent to counterparties in just a few minutes. In the near future, we plan to enhance the existing functionality and display the document's status from "Vchasno" directly in the Planfix task.

One of our clients, a company providing legal services, decided to change its business processes. Currently, all processes, from the first contact with a potential client to sending work reports, are handled in a semi-automatic mode. The only "external" element of the system was the "Vchasno" platform, which required users to leave their usual working environment.

After introducing the integration between Planfix and "Vchasno", it became easier to transfer documents from one system to another, eliminating routine actions related to document storage and transmission.

Thanks to the integration of these platforms, users have saved time and eliminated three steps in document management. For businesses, time and efficient processes are one of the most valuable resources.

Planfix is a multifunctional and efficient tool for managing team work. With Planfix, you can organize collaborative work on projects, tasks, and assignments and easily track various aspects of company activities. Planfix provides timely notifications about upcoming events and tasks, simplifies the organization of meetings and corporate events, and helps keep track of important dates for employees and clients. Planfix always remembers the necessary contacts and stores all discussions related to projects and tasks.

"Vchasno" is an online service for exchanging, signing, and storing any legally significant documents (agreements, work reports, invoices, etc.). It works with all types of QES (qualified electronic signatures) keys and the Mobile ID service.

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