Integration of Planfix and EasyWeek


A revolutionary approach to client scheduling.

What is EasyWeek?

EasyWeek is an innovative online client scheduling service known for its flexibility and ease of use. This service enables clients to effortlessly book appointments across various businesses, from beauty salons to driving schools.

Who benefits from this integration?

The integration of Planfix and EasyWeek opens new possibilities for service-providing businesses requiring client scheduling. It's particularly relevant for educational centers, beauty salons, medical institutions, driving schools, and more.

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Example with a driving school:

Imagine a driving school using Planfix to manage instructors and class schedules. With EasyWeek integration, students can independently schedule lessons with their chosen instructor online. This simplifies the booking process and ensures efficient time management for instructors.

Synchronization and notifications:

A key feature of this integration is the automatic synchronization of EasyWeek bookings into Planfix. Any changes in bookings (creation, editing, cancellation) are instantly reflected in Planfix. Instructors receive notifications in Telegram or another chosen messenger, keeping them updated on schedule changes.

Opportunities for various business sectors:

This integration is perfect for any business where appointment scheduling is essential. It improves client interaction and optimizes internal work processes.


The integration of Planfix with EasyWeek provides businesses with a versatile tool for managing client appointments, controlling schedules, and enhancing work efficiency. This system ensures precision in planning and reporting, and guarantees high client satisfaction due to the convenience of online booking.

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