Enhancing Business Efficiency with Planfix CRM Integration with Finmap


What is Finmap?

Finmap is an advanced financial management tool that offers a comprehensive view of your business's financial state. It enables users to track revenues, expenses, budget, and analyze financial flows. Finmap's main goal is to make financial planning accessible and understandable, giving users complete control over their finances.

How does the integration
of Finmap and Planfix work?

The integration opens new horizons in payment management. When Finmap records a deposit or any financial transaction, this information is automatically sent to Planfix. Here, it's associated with a specific task related to that payment. Clients need to mention the order number in the payment description for correct matching in Planfix.

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What opportunities does this integration offer?

Automatic Task Status Change: The system can automatically change the status of a task related to a payment, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Automated Notifications: The system can send automated messages to the manager or client upon receiving a payment, ensuring timely communication and improved service.

Payment Monitoring: In case of delayed payments, the system can automatically remind both the manager and the client, facilitating more organized financial management.

Financial Reporting in Planfix:
With data from Finmap, Planfix can generate detailed financial reports, providing companies a complete overview of their financial status, including revenues, expenses, and overall financial efficiency.

Conclusion: Planfix CRM integration with Finmap not only simplifies payment management but transforms it, making the process more efficient and transparent. It's not just a step towards automation but an opportunity for businesses to enhance their responsiveness, financial planning accuracy, and improve client communication. This integration enables companies to effectively manage financial flows and optimize workflows, a key factor for growth and development in today's dynamic business environment.

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