Implementing a CRM system for a company automating Amazon accounts


📢 Our team's next case study!  

This time, we're sharing the implementation of a large-scale project in the EMS (Electronic Management and Accounting) field for tracking, auditing, and selling Amazon accounts.


What's the key to this project's success?  

The answer is simple – an innovative approach and the implementation of a CRM system, which significantly simplified business management.


🚀 Preparing for Changes:  

We started by creating an EMS system for Amazon from scratch. This system had to meet the extraordinarily complex requirements for managing accounts on the Amazon platform. Deep analysis and a personalized approach made this project possible.

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Project Details:

1. Structural construction:

The main step was creating the internal structure of the company, workgroups, and departments based on the Planfix CRM system. This allowed maximum organization and coordination of the entire team's work.

2. Business Processes:

Tracking accounts based on 50+ criteria.

A unified operational space for client communication across various channels: Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Website, Facebook, Corporate mailbox.

Sales for standard and VIP clients.

Processes of purchasing and selling accounts.

Provision of additional services.

Financial accounting and reporting.

3. Integrations and Automations:

Streamlining all business processes.

Integration with Stripe and Google Form made financial accounting easier.

Integrations with Aloware and ActiveCampaign optimized client interaction and enhanced marketing campaign efficiency.

Integration with SendGrid enabled automated email dispatch and effective tracking of user interaction with sent content.

Affiliate program and reward system.

Results and Acknowledgments:

After implementing the CRM system, we recorded significant business growth and attracted new partners and investments. Even the adjacent services department chose ProcessFather and the Planfix platform as their main integrator and administrator.

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We are sincerely grateful to our partners and clients for their trust and support, which was a crucial factor in achieving success!

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