CRM PlanFix and together: simpler than you thought


What is is a minimalist blogging platform that enables users to create anonymous, shareable articles with ease. Popular among bloggers, journalists, and those seeking a quick way to publish thoughts online without needing an account, it features an interactive editor for adding text, images, and links, making articles visually appealing and informative.

PlanFix Integration with What It Means for Your Business

In a world where digital content is increasingly important, PlanFix's integration with opens up endless possibilities for various professionals. From bloggers and content managers to marketers, real estate agencies, and realtors, this integration simplifies content creation, editing, and publishing like never before.

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Main Integration Features

  • Direct creation and editing of articles from PlanFix: This means users can effortlessly create and update content without leaving the PlanFix project management system.
  • Adding media and hyperlinks to create dynamic content: Enhanced formatting capabilities and image insertion make it possible to create visually attractive articles that increase audience engagement.
  • Integration of links into PlanFix tasks for easy access and sharing with clients: Efficient content distribution becomes simpler, allowing for immediate sharing of created materials.
  • Automated scheduling of publications: With the ability to set publication times, users can manage content release, optimizing for maximum reach.
  • Content management for continual updates: This feature ensures your content remains current and meets audience needs.

Benefits for Your Digital Marketing

The integration of PlanFix and offers the chance to enhance the efficiency of your digital marketing and content management. It enables automation of many aspects of content creation and distribution, ensuring high engagement with your target audience and improving your brand's online visibility. This integration is key to creating valuable and impactful content, opening new horizons for your business in the digital space.

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