CRM for beauty salons


Revolutionary management through Planfix

In the cosmetic services industry, where each client and procedure is crucial, effective customer relationship management is key. That's where the Planfix CRM system comes in, tailored for the needs of beauty studios.

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🌐 Integration and communication: Your clients are your most valuable asset. Planfix allows you to integrate all your communication channels, including websites, social media, and messengers, into one system. Manage all queries, appointments, and interactions with clients in one place.

📊 Financial analytics and notifications: Control the financial flows of your studio with built-in analytical tools. Automated notifications keep your clients informed about their appointments and procedures.

📅 Flexible scheduling and procedure management: From simple appointments to complex service packages, Planfix provides flexible management and scheduling. Its automated features let you easily create, administer, and reschedule procedures while keeping detailed records.

💬 Productivity and Internal communication: Planfix CRM allows you to create workspaces for your staff, customize internal processes and connections, enhancing productivity and improving team communication.

📈 Scalability and adaptation: The CRM system flexibly adjusts to your studio's various needs, allowing you to expand, add new locations or services without losing control and efficiency.

Using CRM for beauty salons based on Planfix is not just a step towards digital transformation. It's your path to a more efficient, organized, and client-focused business.

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