CRM for automation of an accounting agency


We will tell you about the automation of internal business processes of an outsourcing agency with accounting services!

First, who is it for? For accounting agencies and accountants who provide outsourcing services. 📚

Our offer includes:

📌 1. A system of semi-automatic support of tax activities of clients.

📌 2. Creation of invoices, acts, and payment schedules for clients.

📌 3. Integration with messengers.

📌 4. A unified environment for an accountant with all communications from clients.

📌 5. Accounting of finances from clients. 📝

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Let's take a closer look at these processes. This is how reporting automation works:

Record in a database about the tax system of each client for filtering. ✅

Assignment of an accountant for each client. 🤝

Selection of reporting types for each client depending on the form of ownership and taxation system. 📊

Thus, tasks for reporting are automatically created for each client with specific dates. Tasks have stages: in progress, prepared, submitted, and accepted. 📅

This simplifies work by allowing you to see all tasks and their deadlines. Professionals are no longer worried about whether they will complete their work on time. The "in progress", "prepared", "submitted", and "accepted" functions are a favorite of accountants who are already using the system. They see the whole picture of the work and can perform their duties efficiently. 🥰

Let's take a look at the automation of accounting invoicing:

📝 1. Recording information about customers and tariffs in the database. 😊

📝 2. Creating invoice and act templates in Planfix for each client. 👍

📝 3. A task with information about services and amounts is automatically created every month, the accountant only needs to click to generate an act and invoice using the template.

📝 4. Acts and invoices can be sent to customers by e-mail directly from Planfix.

📝 5. Tasks are distributed to accountants, and everyone sees only their tasks, the manager has administrative access. Tasks have stages: in progress, invoice sent, and completed. 😎

Now about the accountant's work environment:

📌 1. The customer base is available to the accountant. 📋

📌 2. A day and week planner where the accountant records tasks from clients and the manager, and automatically created tasks. 🗓️

📌 3. Display of requests from customers through all channels. All correspondence remains in the system. Only the right people have access. 📧

📌 4. The accountant's instructions and contacts are available in the workspace. 📚

We have taken into account the needs of accountants to ensure comfort and speed in work, as well as timely and successful implementation of projects.

For more information on the implementation of a CRM system for you or your agency, please send a request. 📲

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