Automation of the customer support service for a HoReCa company


Integration of the Planfix CRM system: a step towards efficient and high-quality customer service!

A company that automates HoReCa establishments decided to automate the work of the customer support service. The main goal was to process customer requests quickly and smoothly and provide access to comprehensive data for the company's management.

The goals of the integration included:

🎯 Automating the registration of customer support requests to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Ensuring that requests are automatically routed to software developers for quick resolution.

🎯 Providing the technical support manager with the ability to control the timing and audit of requests to ensure timely and high-quality customer service.

🎯 Receiving convenient reports with comprehensive data on key indicators for a certain period to help management make informed decisions.

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To achieve these goals, the following steps were taken:

1️⃣ Integration with IP telephony was set up: We have established a connection with customers, which has made communication more convenient and efficient.

2️⃣ Created a template for registering technical support requests: The template contains the necessary fields to quickly record requests and important information.

3️⃣ Different templates of contacts (clients) have been used: This allows us to provide an individualized approach to each client according to their needs.

4️⃣ A set of statuses for requests has been established: We monitor each stage of request processing to ensure timely responses to customers.

5️⃣ The process of transferring requests within the team is set up: We efficiently transfer requests to the responsible employees.

6️⃣ The process of scheduling personal meetings with clients is set up: The visit calendar helps to schedule meetings with the accuracy of a minute.

7️⃣ Reports have been created to monitor the speed of service: The customer support team responds to inquiries promptly.

8️⃣ A knowledge base for employees has been created: It is a reliable assistant in solving complex tasks.

This is what the workflow looks like:

Crm_HoReCa, planfix-HoReCa

Schedule of visits to clients:

visits clients, crm visits to clients, planfix crm

Now, thanks to the successful integration of the Planfix CRM system, the process of registering calls and processing customer requests is fully automated. Operators can view the history of customer requests, which helps them to use the most effective service algorithms depending on the needs and segmentation of customers.

Our success is the result of our care for each client and the high qualification of our employees. We are ready to share our experience with you and help your business reach new heights in customer support!

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